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Nipa is a very positive and energetic teacher. She teaches every individual taking into consideration their age and flexibility which helps older students like me to grow at our pace. She makes sure to take many different pranayama and yoga variations so that they don’t feel monotonous. Also, because of this, I feel the satisfaction of having learnt new stuff daily and fresh. She also explains the benefits of each asana that she makes us practice so that we know the actual importance of the asana and the body part it impacts. Very satisfied with her teaching and would even say that she is the best and perfect Yoga Teacher.

~ Mrs. Nila Shah 

Having attended lots of Yoga classes earlier too, I got to know the benefits, the exact importance and knowledge of yoga only after joining Nipa’s yoga classes. Due to my medical conditions, I was not able to do 100% yogasanas; but Nipa ensured that on a daily basis, I kept on improving and could do it along with enjoying the same. She makes sure to teach new types of yogasanas on a daily basis that work on different body parts for all-round body flexibility and strength. I am very happy about the decision to join Nipa’s yoga class.

~ Mrs. Purnima Mehta

My wife and I joined Mrs. Nipa’s yoga classes and within a few sessions I could find the difference as my flexibility and stability improved. She also made it refreshing and as a result helped us reduce stress. I also lost a few kilos as a result of yoga taught by Nipa and her guidance of making sure to have a good and healthy diet.

~ Mr. Jayraj Popat

When I joined yoga with Nipa, I had many problems; such as sleeping problems, back pain, stress and neck pain. Just in a short period, I could see the changes. My sleep trouble got solved quickly. Nipa focused on my stiff neck and back troubles specifically and made sure that my flexibility improved and these problems could be managed quickly. She also shared guidelines of having healthy diet and suggested lifestyle changes to tackle my medical issues and stress as well.

~ Mrs. Meera Popat

When I got to know about Mrs. Nipa's classes, I started yoga sessions with her and just in a short span, I could see changes such as reduced body stiffness and increased flexibility, reduced work stress and increased concentration. Nipa is very loyal towards her work and due to her constant efforts, I can see the improvements in myself.

~ Mrs. Sharmee